Welcome to Write Way to Light!

My name is Desiree M. Mondesir and I am a writer. All you Anne of Green Gables fans will recognize this title as a play on words from Anne Shirley in the first book of the series. This Anne Shirley, or rather, Lucy Maud Montgomery–her creator–is probably the single most responsible person for my love of writing, second only to God. So with that in mind, I thought it fitting to use her phrase to launch my writing blog. Finally.


The my tagline says, this blog contains my “thoughts on the fantastical world of writing and other musings.” Many of those “other musings” will include J.R.R. Tolkien’s Theory of Sub-Creation in which I am staunch believer. As an adult, Tolkien and his best friend, C.S. Lewis are my #1 writing influences. I’m positively obsessed with them so they’re influence will be seen widely throughout this blog.

I credit this blogpost with putting the proper Tolkienesque fire under my butt to get me to write about writing again.

My goal is to assist you with the knowledge God has given me on the subject of writing, much of which was taught through trial and error, but notwithstanding my study of English Literature at Oral Roberts University. I’ll give you whatever tips and keys I can, but as I stated in “Becoming a Better Writer,” when in doubt, break the rules. Do you boo. Find the writing style that suits you and your demographic best and stick with it!

All the best in you writing journey!

Desiree, xx

I have been reading and scribbling faerie tales as far back as I can remember. Not all of my writing is fantastical, but a fair portion is. I also love Jesus. These two forces, Jesus and faerie (in that order), have been the greatest joint influence on my writing.

Me2When I was 18, I went off to college as most in the Occidental world do and signed up as a Marketing major because my mother told me, “Study something you can actually use.” so for whatever reason, I listened. By the end of a Accounting 101–the class that destroyed the hopes of many an aspiring businessman or woman–me and my earned “F”–and trust, I did indeed earn it!–realised we were not in any way suited for nor destined to be a Marketing Major. So I turned to what I loved: writing and history.

I was so stuck between multiple majors to choose so I just overlapped all the potential majors’ General Education classes and enrolled in them to bide my time for the next two years. Finally, I figured out I wanted to be a writer. (A wonder it took me so long to discover!) I signed up as a Writing Major and enrolled in Technical Writing 101.

You know that machine the evil nobleman hooked Wesley up to in The Princess Bride and sucked away years of his life with? Well, that was what Technical Writing was to me. So by my third day in class, when we were supposed to be completing an assignment in the computer lab, I logged into my student account, changed my major to English Literature, and dropped the class. I then quietly approached Dr. Linda Gray at her desk and said, “I’ll see you tomorrow in History of the English Language.” It turned out to be one of my favourite classes and her, my favourite professor and academic supporter.

You see, I have this funny idea that the best way to become a great writer is to actually read great writers. And thus began my writing career.

Eventually, through necessity of location and inspiration from a friend, I decided to launch my own virtual writing and editing company, Desired Assistance, in 2010. Soon after, I began freelancing for various companies.

I started my contributing writer career with Boudoir Online Fashion Magazine and DENIM Fashion Magazine, the latter of which is owned and published by celebrity stylist, Jason Bolin. Then I transitioned to more Christ-centered work as a weekly columnist for Extant Magazine (“A Different Generation” column), a double-columnist and Assistant to Editor-in-Chief at ShulamiteWomen.com (“Faith and the Imagination” and “What Say Ye?” columns), a double-columnist at Glory That Magazine, now Chicago Prophetic Voice (“Royals @ Work”, “Faith”/”Features” columns), and finally, my current post as the Managing Editor of GospelToday.com (“Godly Government” and “The Hostess List” columns).

TP3094adjI also blog regularly at DesireeMMondesir.com and have been a guest blogger for PaulCBrunson.com, AllGroanUp.com, DarleneQuinn.net, CreativeGeniusSociety.com, and others.

I have a great love of weddings and “all things lifestyle,” and as such, have authored the blogs DA Weddings Blog (Fantastical Wedding Stylings) and The Hostess List. I also single-handedly launched the Lifestyle category at Gospel Today in Spring/Summer 2014 where I also maintain an addition “Hostess List” column.

I am also now a published author. My titles include Kingdom Mandates: Understanding the Position of the Church in the Final Hour (coming soon!), Godly Government and Other Works, Faith and the Imagination: A Collection of Theological-Fantastical Works, and How to Write Fiction That Doesn’t Suck. And, like many of you I suspect, I have several pieces in the works of various natures that hope to publish as well when their time comes.

My name is Desiree M. Mondesir and I am a writer.

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