Write to Serve


I’d like to introduce myself to those of you who may not know me. I’m Desiree M. Mondesir and I run my own virtual writing and editing company, Desired Assistance (a.k.a. DA), as well as my own personal blog, DesireeMMondesir.com. I am also the Managing Editor of GospelToday.com. As you can probably imagine, I love to write.

Marshawn Evans-Daniels

Marshawn Evans-Daniels

A Powerful Statement from a Powerful Woman

A few years ago, quite by chance, discovered a wonderful woman named Marshawn Evans who is a marketplace mentor and reinvention strategist who specializes in helping women leaders elevate their purpose as well as launch lucrative brand empires. And I’ve decided that she is my new mentor-from-a-distance. She may not know me personally yet, but she has already impacted my life in a significant way.

(By the way, if you all do not have mentors in close proximity to you, I encourage you to adopt them from afar and allow their materials whether they be interviews, podcasts, books, blogs, etc., to mentor you from afar until you’re blessed to know them or encounter other personal mentors.)

Around that same time, I received an email from her site and it had a clip of a radio interview she did recently. In it, she made a point that made me cringe a little and that I think we should all consider and implement. The statement she made was:

If we look at writing as serving, that will probably change our perspective on [how we view] it.

I was floored. Yes, I am a writer and yes, I have multiple blogs. However, the writing I’d been saying I’d publish and unsuccessfully attempting to do for years is becoming stale. The many books fanciful, theological, and poetical, I’d been saying for years I’d write sit unfinished or un-started.  (Yes I just created a word. Shakespeare did it, cut me some slack!) And with Marshawn’s weighty words settling on me, I realised the treasures, the advice, the wisdom, and the knowledge that I had—willfully—refused to serve my generation with.

Was it intentional? No. Was it somewhat discerning? Depends. Was it acceptable for me to be largely unpublished by this point? Absolutely not. I know I could and can do better, and now I will. I allowed immediate situations, concerns of inadequacy, and Lord knows what else stop be, but no more.

The late Dr. Myles Munroe

The late Dr. Myles Munroe

Serve Your Gift

Some of you are not necessarily meant to be publishers on the New York Times’ Best Seller List, but perhaps there’s a blogging or similar void out there that will forever remain empty until you serve your gift in your respective area. It could be weddings or events, a mommy blog, bookworm blog, or beauty blog. Maybe there’s a financial or scientific column somewhere that needs an author and it’s you. Now that you are sufficiently informed, will you continue to deny the world—either on a local or global level—your voice and gift(s) in that area?

Dr. Myles Munroe, one of the foremost voices in the world as it concerns leadership as well as the Kingdom of God, produced messages and materials without number on the subject of servant-leadership. Something I’d heard and read him say time without end before his death is:

Die empty.

The grave yards throughout the world amass the greatest treasures in the world because it is full of people who refused for one reason or another to serve the world their gifts; they died full. I implore you not to do the same.

Serve the world your gift; die empty.

P.S. If you would like to learn more about Marshawn Evans or Dr. Myles Munroe, please follow the appropriate links: